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Code Unlimited was founded to provide code consulting services to architects, engineers and owners. Our project types include a balance of existing buildings, new construction, and historical buildings in a variety of market sectors. Finding solutions hidden in plain sight—things not obvious to most others—is our specialty. More »

Samir Mokashi

Meet Our Team

Samir has over 20 years of experience in aviation, high tech manufacturing and healthcare facilities. He has successfully lead design teams through highly demanding programs, complex designs, challenging budgets, fast track schedules and rigorous regulatory requirements. More »

Our Clients

Our clients extend from single practitioners to Fortune 500 companies. We average over several hundred active customers in any year, including large multi-discipline AE firms, architectural and engineering firms serving one or two markets, boutique firms that work in diverse markets, local and regional contractors, facility managers and others. More »


Client Testimonials

  • Using Code Unlimited has taken the hassle out of resolving code issues. They are very easy to work with and have taken complex problems and come up with simple elegant code solutions.
    – Jim K.
    Principal | Architect
  • Code Unlimited works with the design team during all phases of design and helps develop innovative compliance solutions that work with our aesthetic goals as well as our construction cost requirements. Having Samir and his team on our side, we are confident that there will be very few code issues to deal with during construction.
    – Don E.
    President | Architect
  • In an effort to resolve some specific site issues and at the same time provide clarity in the building code that seemed missing, we enlisted Samir Mokashi and Code Unlimited for help. His strengths were most evident in the preparatory efforts to help hone our strategic directions but perhaps more importantly in delivering testimony before the membership of the International Code Council. As a final observation with particular importance for my budget as a client-owner, I must note that he carefully planned his time, providing the right amount of attention for each task at hand.
    – Kevin W.
    Senior Facilities Engineer | Semiconductor Manufacturer
  • On behalf of our entire design team and TMT Development we want to thank you for bringing your knowledge and expertise to the table and for guiding us through the city process. We would have been swimming upstream if we had to re-tool the design. Again, thank you.
    – Bob T.
    Principal | Architect
  • Code Unlimited provided comprehensive code analysis for our 650,000 sf medical research, academic and retail building. Code Unlimited brings experience and deep understanding of model building codes and life safety systems. Their expertise helped to achieve the successful completion of a very complicated building.
    – George H.
    Associate | Project Architect
  • The classes Samir presented to our constituency were among the highest-attended and most-anticipated! His value as a presenter is unquantifiable...Samir is the best resource to contact with any code-related needs.
    – Sarah M.
    Educational Coordinator | Professional Association
  • Your name is a household word here at Boora, largely because of the creativity you bring to each and every project. Rather than a “not possible” attitude toward our design proposals, Code Unlimited brings a “how can” approach to the discussion.
    – Amy D.
    Principal | Architect
  • I want to highly recommend Code Unlimited for their thorough and professional fire code support. We have used their consulting services on fire code issues, to provide highly technical engineering solutions, to make presentations to customers and support in presenting to local fire jurisdictions. Their team is very competent, accessible, and delivers excellent results. We will continue to use them in these matters!
    – Lew F.
    Vice President, Operations
  • Code Unlimited has performed exceptionally well on our projects for Code Consulting. Their understanding of the code, combined with their knowledge of the local jurisdictions, the design process, allows us to meet our client’s code expectations.
    – Don E.
    President | Architect
  • Congratulations to the design team, and a hearty congratulations and thank you to Samir Mokashi and the Code Unlimited team (David Bartley, Joshua Klyber, and Tom Jaleski) for making this happen. This is a huge step forward for Park Avenue West Tower 3!
    – Elisa R.
    Associate | Architect
  • Samir is a code rock star! There have been several instances where our team looked at a design problem, and Samir was able to quickly layout the code context and associated design implications.
    – Danielle M.
    Project Engineer, Semiconductor Manufacturer
  • Code Unlimited has a unique approach in solving code-related issues for complex projects. The company will evaluate the intent of the code for each project-specific context, not the literal meaning of the law. This approach can and does open doors to new design solutions.
    – Gerhard B.
    Associate | Project Architect
  • I have known Samir and his abilities for several years; his technical skills, his broad networking abilities, and his professional demeanor are all top-notch. I believed that these abilities were vital to complete our team for this herculean task to change the IBC. Samir did not disappoint. I will always consider Samir and Code Unlimited for technically challenging building code solutions.
    – Kevin W.
    Senior Facilities Engineer | Semiconductor Manufacturer
  • We rely on Samir Mokashi and his staff at Code Unlimited to help us with building code issues. With our focus on renovations and adaptive reuse we often uncover difficult code conflicts requiring specialized insight. Code Unlimited's detailed and nuanced understanding of the code always results in successful resolutions with code officials.
    – Richard B.
    Principal | Architect
  • Working with Code Unlimited allows us to expand our expertise without needing to retain this specialty full time on staff. For a mid-size firm like ours, this is most valuable. We often find code related issues to be murky and Code Unlimited gives us confidence in implementing solutions.
    – Jeff K.
    Principal | Architect
  • On top of providing great support and experience during design, Samir and Code Unlimited truly add value to the project throughout the permit and inspection process.
    – Bob S.
    Project Manager
  • Samir, wanted to let you know that your memo regarding code (OSHA) for catwalks was very well received by the College. They shared your memo with their OSHA representative, he was “ecstatic” and extremely impressed with your knowledge of the code/regulations. Thanks again for all your expertise!
    – Melissa, LEED AP

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Our Services

•  Building Code
    Evaluation & Guidance
•  Code Interpretation  •  Fire Detection and Alarm Guidance
•  Fire Code
    Evaluation & Guidance 
•  Compliance Alternatives,
•  Fire Suppression System Guidance
•  Electrical Code
    Evaluation & Guidance
•  Jurisdictional Negotiations •  Atrium Design Guidance
•  Mechanical/Plumbing Code
    Evaluation & Guidance
•  Work Environment Safety
    Procedure Review
•  Smoke Control Strategies &
    CFD Modeling
•  ADA/Accessibility Regulations
    Evaluation & Guidance
•  Safety Training Programs •  Hazardous Waste Management
•  Land Use and Zoning
    Evaluation & Guidance
•  Code Training Seminars •  Hazardous Materials Inventory
    Statement (HMIS)
•  OSHA Compliance Guidance •  Life Safety Code Summary
    Drawing Sheets
•  Hazardous Materials
    Management Plan (HMMP)
•  Peer Review of Project


We are continuously adding to our repertoire of services; please feel free to contact us if what you are looking for is not listed here.