Samir Mokashi founded Code Unlimited to provide code consulting expertise that is reliable, reasonably priced and meets the values and goals of each client. Samir's unique approach is vital in solving complex problems that can be overwhelming to most designers and other code experts. As he says “let’s draw the sandbox so we can play in it”. This way of thinking leads to solutions that are technically precise, clearly understood, and simple to build and enforce. Incredibly capable in his code knowledge, and calm and resolute under pressure, he believes there is a solution to every problem. His positive attitude of “glass half full” permeates throughout the company and in daily interactions with customers and jurisdictions. He is the heart and soul of the company, but his team building skills push our services to a higher level of success.

Asawari Mokashi is a Principal and owner of Code Unlimited. She manages business operations and human resources for the company. Asawari holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Oregon Health Sciences University and is a published author who has brought scientific rigor, creative problem solving, and analytical thinking to the Code Unlimited team. Her two decades of research experience in life sciences gave her a head start in becoming a company leader. A national silver medalist in sprint and long jump, she brings her drive, tenacity and team spirit to the company. Asawari is also a past and current member of many volunteer organizations, nonprofit consumer groups, academic societies and business organizations.

Tom Jaleski is a Principal at Code Unlimited and manages the Portland office. Tom is a registered architect with 20 years of experience in facilities requirements nationwide. He has authored many code appeals, alternates and variances resolving complex issues, as well as led review/inspection teams on complex projects with multiple jurisdictions and regulatory agencies. His appeals and alternates resulted in significant savings to clients while insuring the primary goal of safety for the occupants. Tom is an expert in accessibility regulations, but the breadth of his code expertise extends far beyond to include - high rise, healthcare, residential, assembly, mercantile, storage, and educational facilities. His tenured experience and understanding of the Code Unlimited approach makes him the go-to guy for our clients and mentoring junior employees.

Eduardo Signorelli, LEED AP is a Principal at Code Unlimited and manages the Seattle office. He has 30 years of experience as a project manager in the manufacturing, commercial and residential sectors. Most recently, Eduardo has been managing design projects for the high-tech industry, with a focus on the requirements associated with the storage and use of hazardous materials. His expertise in making a thorough analysis of key decisions irrespective of project size - be it a small laboratory building to multi-billion dollar microchip manufacturing facility - makes him an asset to each project. In addition, his early experience in the development side of the industry has made him very schedule and cost conscious. With a reputation as a straightforward and issue focused manager, he still finds time to get to know his team members and mentor junior staff to ensure their personal and professional growth.

Franklin Callfas, FPE is a Principal at Code Unlimited and manages the Bend office. He has over 20 years of experience in fire suppression, fire detection, alarms, passive fire protection, design and application using computerized performance evaluation techniques. Franklin spent many years on Alaska’s North Slope, leading a project team developing designs for fire and flammable gas detection with clean agent suppression systems for the oil and gas industry. He has designed multiple AFFF foam suppression systems for military and civilian aircraft hangars, rack sprinkler suppression for tire storage warehouses, gas detection and Halon suppression for the oil and gas industry, clean agent systems for high-tech facilities, and FM200 systems for light rail facilities. He is well versed in NFPA, IFC, API codes for detection and suppression systems, application of SFPE standards & risk analysis methodologies for structural fire protection, and using performance analysis and CFD in atrium smoke control.

Vincent Collins, FPE and PE is a Senior Analyst and FPE at Code Unlimited in Seattle, Washington. He has over 30 years of experience as an FPE and a Mechanical Engineer (NCEES). His areas of expertise are in building/fire (NFPA/IBC) codes, fire protection systems, water supplies, smoke control, HVAC, alternative power systems, boilers, large rotating equipment, EPS, and electrical distribution. He also has specialized in code interpretation, working with local jurisdictions, construction management, alternate compliance strategies, and existing and historical building code evaluation at state and national levels.