We have created our own QC3 approach: Quality, Creativity, Consistency and Customer focus. We create innovative solutions that exceed the objectives and aspirations of our customers. Our code analysts and project coordinators work with the architect, engineer or owner’s representative to review project conditions and comprehensively understand the overall goals of the project and the project team. The information gathered is then synthesized to develop a code compliance framework that is used to guide the design. The final outcome is code compliant facilities that are safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing, easy to build, and inexpensive to maintain over the life of the facility. This is the reason for repeat customers and sustained growth.

Our positive, responsive, and creative culture results from the core expectation of an open-minded, collaborative, and non-competitive attitude from the CEO to interns. All of our employees share ideas, participate in problem-solving and add value to each project. This also enables the transfer of individual knowledge into well-rounded portfolios across project teams. Instead of being a hierarchical machine for young drafters, we actively seek input from all of our senior and junior staff members. It is our core belief that sharing knowledge results in gaining wisdom, which is highly valued in our business.